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Dark Spaces

Have a dark space with little light?

By using a gloss tiles in a space with little or no natural light, more light is reflected. This, in partnership with a light tile, will make your dark space come to life.

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Planning Ahead

For any accidents

By purchasing an additional 5%-10% more than required, you are reassured to have enough should any chips or breakages occur while tiling.

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Colour is essential

When it comes to choosing grout,colour is everything. In order for the tile to blend with the wall or floor, light grout is best suited.Choosing grout closest to the tile bought is often a popular choice to create the desired subtle effect. However, choosing light grout against a dark tile will create a contrast, which will emphasize the tiles' design.

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Tile Colour

For small spaces

Have a small space that needs tiling? Choose light coloured tiles. This will enhance your space and make it feel bigger than what it appears.

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Follow The Movement

Every space gives off a certain atmosphere. Instead of trying to go against the flow of the space, go with it. Use images to help you envision your space or visit our style and inspiration page to help you visualize your dream.

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Level Up

For your spacing problem

Whether you're a DIY specialist or a professional tiler, Tile leveling systems are essential. At Cash Tiles, we pride ourselves by being one of the leading stockists of this two in one tool. With the advantage of minimizing lippage and creating the same space between tiles, this tool will definitely give your space the professional touch.

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On The Edge

The edge you say? Tile edge trims are not just for aesthetic purposes. They protect the tile, frame window sills and box in plumbing. They also create a smooth transition and offer safety as a stair nosing, while giving the perfect finish to your tiling.

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To expand or not to expand?

According to TAL adhesives, the lack of movement joints in a tile panel is a major cause of tile failure. Movement joints should be located at a maximum of 5 metre centres for interior surface bed applications and a maximum of 3 metre centres for suspended or exterior applications as well as around the perimeter.

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Tile Adhesive

We are stockists of TAL tile adhesives at very competitive prices. The various TAL tile adhesives are formulated according to specific applications such as porcelain tiles, ceramic tiles, mosaics, and substrate preparation. Cash Tiles stocks all the tile adhesives required, from keycoat as the primer, to porcelain tile adhesives and grout to give your application peace of mind. All our customers have immediate access to the expertise of TAL technical advisory staff to offer advice on any aspect of tiling, including free detailed materials and methods specifications.